Cloudy But No Rain

Static Sites for the Small Web

Remember "don't be evil" ?

It didn't turn out so great. These days, Big Tech is the Internet's landlord, and if you want your own slice of the web, monopolistic companies like Google are usually the ones getting the rent payment, whether that's in your money or in your visitors' privacy.

What if you want to host a website that's a little less evil?

That's what CBNR is for. It's a static site hosting service: you give it a bunch of web pages, and it uploads them to fast servers all over the world. What makes CBNR different is that it's built by and for the independent web, not enterprises -- so it's built small, and helps enable your own sites to be small, too.

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A fast, globally-replicated CDN
The websites of CBNR are served by, via SSDs located all over the world, and folks viewing your website get their copy delivered directly from Bunny. So, your sites are faster and more reliable, and CBNR going down doesn't mean your sites are down too.
SSL certificates and DDoS protection
These are table-stakes features you need to host a site on the public web today, which you get "for free" from our integration with the CDN. This includes SSL certificates for custom domains, which CBNR fully supports.
Built-in analytics (soon, monitoring)
Know how much traffic your site is getting. And because we use server-side access logs for this, it just works out of the box -- no need for tracking pixels, 3rd party services, or GDPR cookie-consent banners. Run your site Javascript-free if you want!
A familiar Git-based workflow
If you've ever used Heroku, you know how nice it is to simply git push and see your code deployed. And if you haven't, it's just a single command from a tool probably already installed on your computer.
Zero big-tech bullshit
This was all made by one person (me, Brandon). I am not Amazon, Microsoft, or Google, and CBNR deliberately avoids using any of their services, at least directly. Support a less dystopian future for the Internet!

Every line of code that runs Cloudy But No Rain is written by hand (zero AI) and totally open-source under the AGPLv3 license, from Javascript to Golang to Kubernetes manifests. Go check it out for yourself on Github!


At the moment, Cloudy But No Rain is a work in progress.

If you want to use it, please expect a constantly-shifting user interface, documentation that's missing some pieces around "advanced" features, and even occasional loss of historical analytics data (though I will try my best to avoid this unless it's totally necessary).

CBNR is also free to use while it's in alpha. If you'd like an account, just send me an email and I'll get you an invite (this small hurdle is just my attempt to keep misuse to a minimum).

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